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- Antique Keys
- Antique Locks

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- Can Safes & Book Safes
- Wall & Thermometer Hiders
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- Long Chains
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Key Holders
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- Key Identifier Rings
- Key Sticker Labels, key Notes
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- Cabinet Tags
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Keys, Fun, Fashion, Sport
- Alumnum Color Keys
- Betty Boop Keys
- Collector Keys
- Disney Keys
- Groovy Keys
- Hello Kitty Keys
- Klinky Keys
- MLB Baseball
- NFL Football
- Personaliti Keys
- P-Keys
- Tattoo Johnny Keys
Keys, Home & Auto
Lanyards and IDs
Leather Accessories
- Coin and Key
- Luggage Tags
- Wallets with Pocket Chain
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Ornamental Brass Key Holders
Promotional Key Rings & Tags
Quick Release & Spider Rings
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Self-defense & Security
- Brass Snaps
- Color Snaps
- Jean Snap Display
- Mini Snaps
- Nickel Snaps
- Plastic Snaps
Split Rings & Binder Rings
- Binder Rings
- Brass
- Brass Plated
- Nickel Split Rings
- Rainbow Rings
Sport Stuff
- Sport Key Rings
Sur Loc Oval Rings
Wallet Key Holders
Warning Stickers
Wrist Coils and Ultra Coils
X-Large Key Rings


We sell Wholesale to Stores and Institutions Only

Betty Boop Keys

She's famous, she's adorible and sure  to bring smiles to customers young and old.

Disney Keys
A collection of Walt Disney's most loved story charactors.

Hello Kitty Keys
Hello Kitty keys and key rings convey a message of fun and happiness to everyone.

MLB Baseball
Licensed team logo keys are collectible and a fun way to show your team favorite.

NFL Football
Football fans will express their passion and spirit with these NFL team logo keys.

Tattoo Johnny Keys
Tattoo Johnny is bold and contemporary for today's new consumers.

Alumnum Color Keys

Aluminum Color Keys
A new generation of  aluminum alloy keys. Strong as brass key yet 1/3 the weight.
Bright colors easily identify keys.

Collector Keys

Collector Keys
Designed and licenced images to delight both casual fan and serious collector.

Groovy Keys

Groovy Keys
A collection of creative patterns to please everyone 

Klinky Keys

Klinky Keys
Is it a key or a keychain? Its combines the best of both.  Expressive designs that won't fade even with long use

Personaliti Keys

Personali Keys
 Beautifully d
esigned keys for every personality


"P" is for Profits
These value priced, high impulse keys will maximize sales and please the bottom line.


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