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Photo Book Safe

The front displays a favorite photo in this elegant book safe. Inside metal lid inludes 2 keys.
A  boxed quality gift item.

PBS-1 - 1/Box


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Book Safe

Makes a great hiding place on a bookshelf. Variety of actual book titles. Book is package sealed.

CS800 - 1/Book

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Book Vault

Double volume book with deep pocket for extra storage. Book is packaged sealed.

CSV800 - 1/Book

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Can Safes

Hide valuables in plain site with these diversion can safes.
Cans come clam packs and may be hung except the coffee can.  Order by selection.

CS200 - Aqua Net Hairspray - 1/Clam
CS200 - Rave Hairspray - 1/Clam
CS200 - Barbarsol Shave - 1/Clam
CS200 - Desinex Spray- 1/Clam
CS200 - Curex Spray - 1/Clam
CS200 - Ajax - 1/Clam
CS200 - Jollytime Popcorn - 1/Clam
CS200 - Vegtable Beans - 1/Clam
CS200 - Kibbles'n Bits - 1/Clam
CS200 - Liquid Wrench - 1/Clam
CS200 - Oil Treatment - 1/Clam
CS200 - Engine Degreaser - 1/Clam
CS200 - Punchture Seal - 1/Clam
CS200 - 7-UP - 1/Clam
CS200 - Dr. Pepper - 1/Clam
CS200 - A&W Root Beer - 1/Clam
CS200 - S&W Coffee - 1/Bulk


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