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Wrist Coils and Ultra Coils

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Wrist Coil Fashion

Wrist coil with split ring. Available in solid, neon & translucent colors. Value priced.
Top seller.

WCF-1 - 1/Bulk

WCF-12C - 12/Card

WCF-36TW - 36/Tower

WKF - 48/Bulk


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Wrist Coil

Holds their shape with great spring back quality.

41001 - 1/Card
41006 - 1/Card, Neon colors


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Ultra Coil Tower Display

18" tall plexiglas tube tower, 36 colorful wrist coils with snap

UC-36TW - 36/Tower

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Ultra Wrist Coils with Snap

Assorted color wrist coil with mini snap to attach to purse or pant loop.

UC-1 - 1/Bulk

UC-12C - 12/Card

UC-36TW - 36/Tower Display


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Wrist Coil with Snap

With handy mini snap to attach to purse or belt loop.

41301 - 1/Card

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Wrist Coil Fashion Tower

18" tall plexiglass tube tower takes up only 4 square inches of counter space. 36 colorful wrist coils with snap. A real attention graber.

WCF-36TW - 36/Tower

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